Can I attend the meeting without my child?

Yes, We frequently have mom and dad attending solo. We’ll connect you with a friendly partner at the meeting.

Can I find out who will be attending the meeting from my area?

Our goal is to connect families individually, and to distribute an attendance directory prior to the meeting.

Will there be T- shirts available to purchase at the meeting?

All apparel for this year's meeting will be by preorder only! We have engaged the American Outfitters company to take orders and ship directly to your home before the meeting! There is a wide variety of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, polos and baseball caps to choose from. Apparel information can be found here.

I understand you will have a Physicians panel during the meeting with questions from the families. Who do I direct my questions to ahead of time?

You can send questions to Sharon

Is there a cost for the Meet & Greet Pizza Party, Ice Cream Social/Dance or group Luncheon?

No, those activities are sponsored by the Foundation.

What kind of care is available in the Kids room and will they be close by?

The “Kids” room will be right next door and will have a combination of adult and teen caregivers and volunteers to keep them occupied and take care of their needs. All ages are invited to utilize the kids room leaving the parents free to concentrate on the presentations. Parents can be reassured that if their child needs them, a volunteer will let the parent know immediately. To ensure everyone's safety it may be necessary to charge a nominal fee to those families who are not bringing a caregiver.